Quality assessment Log In for your entertainment content and valuable assets that need to be pre-qualified for digital delivery


Most content originators apply hours of subjective assessment of their infrastructure, network, encoding and file processing to find the best match between bandwidth and applied digital encoding manufacturer, format and delivered bit rate.


With a Video Clarity Labs assessment service all you need to do is log in and upload any set of media files along with the matching original source video file, or recording and we’ll automatically apply industry accepted quality metrics presented in a set of comparison line and bar graphs showing each quality score measurement. All data will be provided in delimited .csv Excel spreadsheet format along with text file raw score data.

In addition to picture assessment of the video images, we’ll also provide as many performance measurements of the audio channels as you would like including a performance check of audio quality, A/V offset measurement to find lip sync errors, and loudness measurement per full audio program.

Video Quality

  • MS-SSIM on linear DMOS and native MS-SSIM scales
  • VMAF metric by Netflix
  • Dolby’s Delta ICtCp color difference (ITU Recommendation BT.2124)
  • Sarnoff’s Just Noticeable Differences (JND)
  • Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR)

Available Audio Assessments

aFreq is a metric designed by Video Clarity engineers to find artifacts and mismatches in audio performance of a downstream encode. This metric is excellent for a quality check that will find silences, pops, clicks and significant changes in performance versus the original audio channels. This gives you the assurance that the processor you use is providing consistent quality and can find issues that might trigger a re-encoding or required bit rate change that you might have missed without this assessment.

aFreq also provides a millisecond accurate measurement of audio relative to video synchronization. This allows you to understand if the audio video relationship in your files is offset, the same as the original, whether it is staying constant, or has variables throughout the sequence.

Loudness is a standardized measurement applied to a program’s overall set of channels according to the ITU BT.1770-3 recommended practice. This measurement is LKFS, loudness K weighted relative to full scale. The scale is -60 to 0. -60 being silence.

Live Broadcast

Monitor channel quality on different networks

Online daily performance reports

ATSC, AT&T, Comcast, DirecTV, Dish

Nation-wide capabilities

Professional & CE Device Testing

Comprehensive, repeditive device testing

Test from power-on to streaming

Compare to previous or competitiors' products

Pass/Fail measurements for assembly line testing

Encode/Transcode Quality Testing

Complete testing of all audio/video

Report blocks, freeze, lip-sync

Support for most every streaming file type

Support for CE Device HDMI outputs